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Stomach filling food-recommened for diet.


Sundal is an south indian recipe and a healthy food which is also stomach filling.I have done this sundal with chickpeas(channa).


  • Chickpeas-1 cup
  • Coconut-grated(optional-if used for diet,no)-1/4 cup
  • Chilles-as you need
  • Oil-1 drop.
  • Salt-as you need


Soak the chickpeas over night and you can either presure cook for 5 mins with salt water or cover and cook in a pan for 15-20 mins.When the chickpeas are soft and eatable,heat a kadai and add 1 drop of oil,coconut(optional),chilles and salt.When done, serve the delicious and healthy sundal with cilantro.

Sundal-Green peas:

This sundal is same as chickpeas sundal but we use green peas instead of chickpeas.Follow the same procedure as chickpeas sundal.

Sprouts sandwich:

This healthy and very much tasty sandwich can be done within minutes but keeps your stomach filled for hours.


Bread slices-10

For chutney:

  • Tomatoes-2
  • Onion-1
  • Chilli-1
  • Salt-as you need
  • Water-1/4 cup

For Sprouts:

  • Sprouts-1 cup
  • Salt-as you need
  • Pepper-As you need
  • Cilantro-As you need


For chutney:

Add sliced tomatoes,onions,chilli,salt and water into the blender and blend well into a fine paste.

For Sprouts:

Add salt and pepper to the sprouts and finally add cilantro.Mix well.

Now take the bread slices and apply the chutney and then the sprouts.There is no need of any sauce because this itself is made of tomato chutney.You will never go hungry for the next 3 hrs.

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