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 Simple Cutlet:



Bread crumbs
corn flour-3 tbsp
Pepper-As you need
Salt-As you need.




Boil and peel the skin of the potato to mash them.Add chopped onions,Salt,Pepper and chillies.You can also add carrots or any other vegetable.Make sure the vegetable does not have much of water content.Mix the dough well for soft cutlets.Make balls out of the dough.It should not be too thin or too thick.Make a paste with corn flour by adding water to it.Now dip the cutlets in the paste and then roll in Bread crumbs.

Now heat the oil in the pan,and fry the cutlets.It will take some time for it to get cooked.Turn after one side gets golden brown.Turn it again and wait for 4 mins.The total time taken will be,7 to 9 mins for each cutlet. Garish the cutlet with ketchup and chutney.The garnishing can also include mango pieces, tomato slices and so on.

Biscuit cake(coffee):

This simple and easy cake is stomach filling and easy to make.


  • Biscuit-5-6
  • Youghurt(very thick)-1/2 cup
  • Cream 4 tbls
  • Instant coffee powder 4 tbls & 2 tbls
  • Cocoa-2 tbls
  • Icing sugar-4 tbls
  • water-1/4 cup


Add water(hot) in coffee powder and mix well.When done,soak the biscuit in it for 1/2 min.While the biscuit is soaking,take the youghurt and mix cream,icing sugar and coffee powder(2tbls)in it.Beat well.When done,place the soaked biscuits in a plate or cup and pour the yougurt-cream paste over the biscuits.Since the paste is very very thick,spread it evenly over thee biscuits.Refrigrate it for 2 hours so that the cake is settled.After this sprinkle the cocoa powder over the cake to decorate it.

NOTE: If the youghurt is watery,pour it in a muslin cloth with a bowl below.The water gets collected in the bowl.Now use it.

Apple fry:

This is a new idea and can be done with any other fruit exept,grape,watermelon etc.


  • Apple slices-15-20
  • Besan(gram flour)-1 cup
  • Oil-to deep fry
  • Chilli powder-2 tbsp
  • Salt-as you need
  • Cilantro-for garnish


Add 2 cups of water to the besan flour and also add salt,chilly powder.Heat the oil and  when the oil is heated,dip these apple pieces in the batter and deep fry till golden brown.Serve with sauce.

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