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Rice Dishes 

In India,Rice and wheat are the main staple food.Here in this page, I'll teach you to make many types of rice recipes.They are ver much famous in SouthIndia.

How to cook rice?


Basmati rice(or any other rice.Available in any grocery store.)-2 cups.

Water- 2 cups.

Pressure cooker.



Wash and rinse the rise well before cooking.On the pressure pan and let it get heated.Add 2 cups of water as soon as it is heated well.Keep the stove to medium-high.Now keep a vessel which we use as a baking vessel(ever silver).Make sure it is big ennough because the amount rice we are going to add will increase in size upto 3 times.After keeping the vessel with rice in it,close the pressure cooker.

As soon as you see steam coming out of the hole provided,add the vessel.After 4-5 vessels,off the stove and let it cool down.Do not open immediately or you will get burns because of the steam.You can see that the rice well cooked.If you think your rice not cooked well, keep it for more 1 vessel or 2.After opening, take some oil(any) and rub in your hands.Press your hands gently on the upper surface of the rice.

Your rice is ready.We will now see many recipes including rice.



Tomato rice:

Tomatoes-3 medium
Onion-1 "
Rice boiled-1 Cup
Salt-As required
Cilantro-As required


 Method:Heat the oil in the pan.Add chopped onions and fry them till they are golden brown.Add chopped tomatoes,chillies and salt.Add water and let it boil.You can also add garlic cloves if you wish.After the water has been absorbed the the mix,add the mix to the rice which is already cooked.Mix well.Garnish the tomato rice with cilantro.It can be served with raitha.Yummy tomato rice is ready.

 Lemon rice:


1. Lemon extract-from two fruit
2. Chillies-2 to 3
3. Mustard-a few
4. Oil 3tbsp
5. Rice-4 cups
6. salt-UP TO YOU
7. Cilantro and curry leaves-for garnish


1. Heat the oil.

2. Add mustard seeds and when they spatter,add the lemon extract.

3. Add salt,chillies.Cook them well.

4. After 3 mins,add cooked rice and mix well.

5. You can make a lemon mix and store it for two week so that you can use it in times of urgency.

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